Welcome to Food Forever

Food Forever supplies fruits and vegetables to various food service and retail customers. Across both Australia and New Zealand, we handle the sourcing, importing and distribution of these fruit and vegetable products.

Food Forever has been established as a sister business of Natural Ingredients (with a focus on supplying fruit and vegetable ingredients to food manufacturing industries).

What We Do

At Food Forever, we offer our customers products that are ‘packed at origin’, in retail-ready formats such as polybags and bag-in-box solutions. We assist customers with contract packing of their own brands in the commodities’ country of origin, and can organise the production of their packaging at the same time. Food Forever offers these products as conventionally grown, certified sustainably grown, and certified organically grown methods.

We contract 'in season', from crops grown around the globe - this covers our customers’ year-round demand. We deliver products to customers on a 'just in time' delivery basis, from our warehouse locations across Australia and New Zealand.

More About Us

Founders Shane Bukovinsky and Henriette de Koning bring over 20 years of international food industry experience in sourcing, manufacturing and sales & marketing. In addition, by travelling to suppliers and their farmers year after year, they have gained an in-depth knowledge of agricultural products, good farming practices and food safety systems, assisting them in continuously improving all aspects of their supply chain and their service to customers.

Through Shane and Henriette’s supply chain experience, as well as their passion for sustainable farming practices, Food Forever was launched in early 2019. This launch included the first range of frozen fruit products - all of which are sustainably certified by the Rainforest Alliance. These products are packed for retail sale in unique, fully recyclable black tubs, using the brand name Rå.

For more information, you can contact us by email at info@food-forever.com.au or by phone  +61 (0)2 9098 8977